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What is a Karaoke Machine. Our definition of a karaoke machine is an automated pieces of electronic equipment that plays karaoke music. Karaoke machines on this site have built in karaoke hard drives or USB karaoke hard drive ports. We also refer to our karaoke machines as professional Karaoke machines. So many sites miss use the term karaoke machine making it difficult to try to understand. We will show you pictures of a Professional Karaoke System and a Karaoke machine used in a Professional karaoke system. Karaoke machines are also used in home karaoke systems. We will also show you a karaoke machine with music packages. Our first picture is a RSQ Professional Karaoke Machine RSQ KARAOKE MACHINE

If you are searching for karaoke machines please give us a call. The karaoke machines we sale are very different than the karaoke machines you will find on other sites. We can explain the differences between Them. One of the most sought after features for a karaoke machine is the ability to Play MP3G karaoke music

The RSQ HD 787 has a back lit keyboard, direct song number input, electronic key control, 2 microphone inputs, and a karaoke hard drive from 500 gigs to 2,000 gig. RSQ HD 787 can store hundreds of thousands of karaoke songs.

Professional Karaoke System that includes a RSQ 787.Karaoke Machine System. Also includes a karaoke music package. Karaoke machines are very important to a karaoke system.

Starter karaoke machines do not have built in hard drives. We will show you the most popular karaoke machine on the market the RSQ USB Karaoke Machine.RSQ USB Karaoke Machine this USB Karaoke Machine is shown in a package with a wireless karaoke microphone System, and a Starter package of popular karaoke music. some sites may refer to the this as a karaoke player because this particular Karaoke machine will play karaoke CDG discs also.

Karaoke Machines for Kids

Karaoke machine for kids can be purchased with Pre school karaoke Packages. The Karaoke Machine for Kids program is great way to get your kids reading. When it comes to purchasing a karaoke machine for Kids we recommend calling LighYearMusic.com. Light YearMusic has all the karaoke equipment for Sale. Lightyearmusic has Special pricing packages for karaoke machine for kids when being purchased by a school. Note More than one machine must be purchased for special pricing. Please call for Details.

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